Adding a Vintage Touch with Old Wedding/Family Pictures


One of things that I've been doing over these past couple of months is collecting old black/white or vintage photographs of our parents family.  Thankfully, my Uncle has a whole stash of these pictures lying around in his house.  So now I've got a ton of pictures to use.  These are some ideas that I found online:

I like this idea a lot because of its simplicity.  All you need is an old window, paint it, and put the pictures on!  Simple, pretty, and easy to do is always the best.

Designed by: Vintage My Wedding Photo by: Souder Photography Via: Style Me Pretty
Here's another easy way to post the pictures up.  This suitcase idea for the guests cards is getting more popular with the vintage look.  Here's one idea with the added pictures on it. 

Photo via Ruffled
Cute idea.  Just need to find a place where you can display it.  Also need to get lace, picture frames, etc.  Looks great, but might be a lot of work.

I found these pictures a while back ago and posted it up on my old wedding blog.  Gahh, forgot to link where I found it from.  If you happen to find it, let me know and I can link it.  

This one just looks like so much fun!

The Average Bride's DIY Idea:

Since most wedding venues won't allow you to post things on the walls...for obvious reasons...=) I thought of an idea of posting up these pictures.

1. Get some sort of screen partition (old window, lattice fence, iron wrought partition, etc.)

2. Hanging your pictures: You can either tape it or display it using vintage picture frames using hooks.

3. Frame it or Display it:

If you have any other ideas, would love to hear them!

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