A Ball of Cake on a Stick


I happened to go to Starbucks tonight and I ordered my usual...a tall soy hot chocolate with no whip.  While I was spoiling myself with this late night treat, these little dessert treats caught my eye.  Guess what they were?  Cake pops.  Yeup, now Starbucks has caught onto the big fad of Cake Pops.  What are they?  They're basically balls of cake covered in sweet cuteness.  Notice I'm not saying goodness...I just think they're really cute.  I'm not really a fan of super sweet things.  My taste is for dark chocolate and drinking coffee black.  I've actually tasted a couple at bridal shows.  They're not bad, but just too sweet for me.  On the other hand, if you're looking more so for the aesthetic design for your dessert table, these may be a great way to go.  You can color coordinate the outside layer, customize the designs, etc.  Overall, to make it, they're pretty easy and most importantly, cost efficient!  At Starbucks, I saw them selling it for $1.50 for each one.  But of course, everything that has been tagged with "wedding" usually gets a mark up.  =( 

Bride and Groom Cake Pops:


What's inside?


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Cake pops = awesomeness!

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