Bridesmaids Dresses for Under $50 from RUCHE


Ooo another great online store that I found that has a lot of great bridesmaid potential dresses!  It's a lot like ModCloth but even cheaper!  Almost 90% of the dresses are under $50.  Another great find!  I love so many things from there.  I love their shoes, but all the ones I love are sold out!  Blehh...anyways, here are some great finds...

Store: RUCHE

something to smile about lacy one shoulder tunic $42.99

citrusy sweet blossoms applique dress $36.99

charmingly endearing royal blue ruffle dress $35.99

victorian romance draped dress $42.99

posh & circumstance bow dress $48.99

cocoa couture pocket dress $34.99

emerald cascades one shoulder dress $49.99

ruffled rosey fantasy dress in lavender $44.99

country beauty belted dress $39.99

enchanting lady strapless dress in brown $45.99


AlwaysWright said...

Love most of those. I don't think I'd find anything like that at that good price here in England. Lucky.

The Average Bride said...

They do ship worldwide! I know it might cost more for shipping, but it'll probably still be a great price. Plus, the U.S. dollar is worth less then European money too.

The Average Bride said...

@AlwaysWright: I just came across this website. They're located in the UK. Definitely have some great dresses for under $50.

Ashlie Chan said...

Wow, that site is awesome! i especially like the last chocolate brown dress!

TheFutureMrsT said...

Great find! I'm off to shop! :)

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