Drawing of Ceremony Area


So I finally thought of this idea for my wedding.  Since I'm using a lot of vintage frames and old family pictures; I thought why not have a theme revolving around "making timeless memories?"  It fits perfectly with everything!  Also, the decorations can mean so much more then just to make the environment look pretty.

The more I think about the look of the theme is going to be Romantic Homespun Vintage.

Here's what I had in my head...sorry for the sloppy sketch...  Literally drawing it out helps me to see the whole picture in person .

{ Ceremony Ideas }

Behind the white gazebo, it's all green shrubbery.  Oh yea, it's a garden ceremony by the way.
Left Side: Has a vintage table with lamp, flowers/small vase, and a picture of my parents wedding picture
Right Side: Vintage Table, flowers/small vase, and a picture of my fiances wedding pictures.
Hanging from Gazebo: The large hanging lamp I got at the flea market!  

This is the "upclose" drawing of the vintage tables on the side.

Meaning: Basically I want these to show that the joining of two people isn't just about them...but it's about joining of two families. 


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