How to Get "Free" Sample Vellum Paper for Invitations


I'm always thankful for my bridesmaids.  They're flexible, supportive, and they know how to find great deals!!  One of my talented bridesmaids who happens to be a graphic designer told me about getting sample paper for free.  Of course when she told me this, I was totally on board.  On the other hand, it's not technically free because you still have to pay for shipping which isn't cheap.  This is due to the higher quality of the vellum paper which you can't get at your local craft store (like Michael's, Joanns, etc.).  So question is, where and how do you do this?

Steps to Getting "Free" Sample Vellum Paper
1. Go to Neenah Paper Company
2. Choose which paper sample you want.
3. Put in the Quantity you want (maximum for free sample paper is 4)
4. Click Add to Cart
5. Make your purchase and choose shipping option
6. Pay for shipping costs
7. Wait for your sample paper to come in!

Of course, it's not REALLY "free."  You still have to pay for shipping costs which can be a bit hefty.  On the other hand, if you think about it, I got 20 sheets of 19"X12.5" of quality vellum paper.  It ended up costing me about $0.50 for each sheet.  $10 for ground shipping for the 20 sheets. 

I know there are other sample papers you can get through this company too.  You just have to search through the sample options they offer.

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