I'll Be (Acoustic Version)


I always thought the song by Edwin McCain "I'll Be" was a little too cheesy for me.  No doubt the lyrics are absolutely beautiful, but the original musical arrangement just didn't do it for me.  But like I said before, I love eclectic indie music!  So my music taste is definitely unique as well.  =) 

I was listening to Pandora and the I'll Be acoustic version by Edwin McCain came on to my radio play list that has Ella Fitzgerald and Kings of Convenience.  I was close to disliking the song until I listened to it for a bit longer.  The more I listened to it...the more I LOVED the arrangement.  The acoustic version is so much better and the lyrics just came even more alive.  The acoustic flavor has this raw emotion and very romantic feel to it.  While I was listening to it, I could definitely see this as the processional and first dance as well. 

Here's the link to youtube.  The quality isn't as great as it was on pandora...but you'll get the jist of it.  

I'll Be (Acoustic)- Edwin McCain

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