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I don't know about you, but for me, sometimes going through the world of weddings is like sorting through the sales section at a store.  You want the look that fits you, yet the best price.  My fiance and I are planning to register at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for the more traditional registry.  We know there's always going to be a few guests that would much rather give a gift then hard cash or a check.  Fortunately, if you're low on the dough or have your changed your mind on a gift, you can always return it for cash.  Most brides typically register for at least 2 wedding registries.  So, my plan is to register through an online registry.  This will encompass honeymoon gifts, furniture, etc.  After going through countless online wedding websites and doing some are the ones that I've found...

Deposit a Gift
About: Online Cash Registry
What You can Register for: ANYTHING from A-Z
Fees: 7.5% of the total gift balance (Option: You can choose to have the gift-giver pay for the fee or you the registerant can do it)
Pros: Most recommended by many popular blogs and engaged couples
Cons: It has the highest fee that I've seen for an online cash registry. 

Simple Registry
About: Online Cash Registry
What you can Register for: Anything from A-Z
Fees: Service Fee- $35 or 3.5%of gift value
         Transaction Fee- 3.5% from each purchase (the registerant can pay for the fee, or guests can pay for 
         it...the 3.5% amount will be added on to their purchase)
Pros: You can add any item from any store.  The cool thing too is you can even "scan" items onto your simple registry account through your phone.  That's pretty cool.  Also, you can draw out your cash gifts whenever you want.  Most places only allow you to take out the cash gift at one time.
Cons: Small set up fee

About: Online Cash registry
What you can Register for: ANYTHING from A-Z
Fees: None, unless you set up a paypal account.  If you do just purely cash or check, then there is no fee.  On the other hand, if you want your guests to pay by credit card, then you must set up a paypal business account.  It's usually about 4%
Pros: Free if you only do cash/check. 
Cons: There are different levels to how "fancy" you want your registry site to be.  If you want to upgrade, it there is a fee.  Also, for a "free" registry, you can only do cash or check.  Usually the guests will have to give this to you in person.  You have to set up your own paypal account in order for guests to pay by credit card. 

Honeymoon Wishes

My Registry
About: Online Cash Registry or Traditional
What you can Register for: Anything from A-Z
Fees: Regular Store Registry: Free
         Cash (Using credit)- Paypal Fees
Pros- This place is like the all in one registry place.  If you happen to like a lot of items from different stores, then this is the place for you.  Instead of registering with the store like BBB, you can do it through here.  You can register items from Crate and Barrel, Target, Williams and Sonoma, etc.  You can also download an app on iphone to scan items through your phone.  Pretty cool!
Cons- You would just need to set up a paypal account if you're doing the cash registry. 

Wedding Republic
About: Online Cash Registry
What you can Register for: Anything from A-Z
Fees: 4.5% for each transaction (guests will be automatically paying the additional 4.5% fee, not the registrant)
Pros/Cons: It's a pretty standard website.  It's not too much different then all the other ones.  The main theme of the registry site is a puzzle.  So each time a guest adds a transaction, one puzzle piece is added.

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