A Tasty Treat to Cool Your Guests Off


In lieu of a dessert party or a wedding cake, what about ice cream??  There are actually a few ice cream shops that own trucks or carts that can cater for your wedding or any private party.  Who doesn't love ice cream on a hot summers day?  Now I'm craving ice cream....sweet creamy goodness...mmmm

If my friends brought this to their wedding or party...I would definitely be the first one in line! =)

Here are two ice cream companies that are local to me...

Carmela Ice Cream ( Los Angeles, CA)

Sweet Lucie's (Los Angeles, CA)
With all the craze of food trucks going on in LA, why not ice cream?  This ingenious mother decided to start her own ice cream food truck company.  You should read how she started the company...super cute.  In terms of presentation and design, this one was my favorite.  It has this cute little retro 50s truck that goes to your event.  Also, they're coming up with a 50s style ice cream cart in the future!  

The truck...

The cart...

For more ice cream catering companies in your area...check out yelp!

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