Count Down: 11 Days Left Part 1


I know it's only 1030am in the morning here, but another bump...could be a BIG the road.  It's funny, one month ago I probably would've been freaking out like no other, but right now I'm saddened by what may happen yet still ok with the worst circumstances.  It's definitely a miracle that this sense of peace is overflowing from within me.  Really, there is no need to freak out because in the end...what will be will be.

11 Days Left (Part 1): You Can't Control the World, but You Can Control Your Mindset

Overall, this motto is heavily engrained deep within me.  There's so many things in the world that can go wrong, that have gone wrong, but in the end the only thing we can control is our own actions/mindset.  Of course there are some actions that I've taken that I want to blame someone else for, but in the end I'm responsible for what I've done.  

So how does this relate to weddings?  With any weddings, there is guaranteed to be some drama.  Whether it's a minor miscommunication or even to a break up, drama is always right at your door whenever there are many people involved.  Let's face it everything could go wrong, but in the end it's really all about the union between two people. As long as that is fulfilled the day of the wedding, I will be more then estatic.  =)  The wedding is one day (even less then a day), but your marriage is for a lifetime.  There may be many things that may go wrong, but I think in the's how it's being handled.  I could turn into a bridezilla or just suck it up, laugh at it...or maybe even cry a bit...and move on.  I think if I went through the whole night making myself miserable by focusing on something that went awful would that be?   I can't trust in everything going the way I want it to, but I can trust and find peace that God will be there with us if we ask Him to be present at our wedding. 

My Top 3 Musts (if not...I may turn bridezilla)
1) My fiance will say Yes!  ;)
2) God's presence will fill every fiber of everything during the wedding
3) That I will just enjoy being with loved ones and even make new friends.


The Vintage Modern Bride said...

sorry you have a bump in your road but i'm glad you're not going to let it deter you! good job!

AlwaysWright said...

Can't believe you've got 11 days to go. Even though you say you've got a bump in the road, enjoy the last week of planning. As i've said before I had a couple of dramas. With 10 to go, my then FMIL flew to Scotland because her sister was very ill, as it happened she died 6 days after we got married, fortunately FMIL did make our wedding. Good advice by the 3 points, point 3 really hit me when sitting down to eat.

The Average Bride said...

@ AlwaysWright: OO MY! That's insane. I will definitely keep in mind to enjoy my planning days. I think I will have planning withdrawals afterwords. =P

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