My Big Day


As of August 13, 2011, I am no longer a bride but a newleywed.  It still feels like things have no settled in yet.  Still in transition phase and beginning to begin my new journey with my new hubby.  Well, I know most of you may be wondering what my thoughts were the day of and some wisdom to pass down to all of you brides.

Overall, the day couldn't have been more perfect.  It was a nice 70 degree weather during the ceremony and it was all clear skies.  Not only that, everyone was in good health, they got there safely, and I had a TON of energy that day.  I didn't even drink any energy drinks or coffee and I made it through the whole day without feeling I had to take a nap at all.  God definitely answered my prayers ( guests safety, health, weather, and energy to make it through). 

I think the part that really got to me wasn't the reading of the vows or saying I do to my hubby, but it was seeing EVERYTHING finally put together.  After many days searching and planning...this was like the grand finale.  From the dress to seeing the was more beautiful then I imagined it.  It was all so perfect.  I think the piece that got to me the most was looking at the gazebo we had.  I got chiffon draping and a chandelier to hang from the gazebo.  It was the definate draw dropper for me.  It looked even better then I imagined it in my mind.  I was so overwhelmed with joy to see all the pieces placed where it should be.  There was not one detail that wasn't where it was not supposed to be.  Everything was absolutely gorgeous.  I will show pictures later on! 

The reception I would say was more for the guests.  Even though I did enjoy it, I didn't enjoy it as much as I wanted to.  In the back of my mind I kept telling myself, we're running so far behind and we got to do this and this and this.  I wish I didn't have this mindset and just stopped worrying about it.  But soon enough, as the day progressed...we didn't get everything we wanted to do, but no one seemed to notice a thing.  It was perfect the way it ended up being.  The enjoyment I got from the reception wasn't from just being there, but it was from seeing how much fun everyone was having.  Maybe it was the sugar from the candy bar or the one hour open bar...but when I saw people laugh/smile and dance, it just made me even more happy.  I think ultimately, the reception is more so for your guests to enjoy.  So just keep in mind what you think your guests would like at your reception.  The more fun they have, the more fun you will have as versa. 

One thing I regret doing is going around the tables to say hi to everyone.  It was hard since we had 33 tables and barely enough time.  We were about to and then we ended up doing the toasts which took longer then expected.  Thankfully we had a sweet heart table so our friends/family just came up to us throughout the dinner time.  I think if we sat with our family, they may have been more intimated to approach us.  Even though we could barely eat because we were talking to our guests...I managed to get a good chunk of my meal in.  I wish all of our guests came up to us that night, but unfortunately not everyone did.  So if you're a guest make sure to say hi to the bride and groom!  It was those little moments spending time with people that made my day.  I'm glad our bridal room was connected to the public womens' restroom!  lol...don't ask.  It was kind of a hidden bathroom. I got to chit chat/hang out with some of my good girlfriends. 

In the end, I did enjoy the day and I did my best to party hard (especially during the dance portion).  I'm glad everyone enjoyed the night and now I'm having wedding withdrawals!  I want to plan another wedding again...=)

Lesson Learned:
1)Even though things may not go as scheduled (even if you're far behind inschedule) no one will notice except for you.  In the end, it will be unnoticed and there's no need to worry about it.  Just go with it.  =)
2) Make sure to have someone in charge day of (that's not you...bride or groom).  You can hire a day of coordinator...I would HIGHLY recommend it if your venue doesn't provide one.
3) Spend time with your guests.

My Favorite Moments:
1) My friends doing a flash mob dance when the DJ was playing
2) Surprising everyone with the dance my bridesmaids and I did by Ok Go- A Million Ways
3) Seeing all my friends and family together
4) Spending time with people...even though if it was for a minute
5) Seeing everything FINALLY put together
6) Trying to use the bathroom in my wedding took a group effort!  lol
7) Dancing the night away
8) Walking down the aisle
9) Seeing everyone having a good time (young and old)
10) Saying I DO to my hubby


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I'm glad your day was awesome!!! Happy marriage!

Kevin and Julie's Blog said...

I can't wait to see pictures!

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AlwaysWright said...

Glad it was perfect!

Karlita said...

Thank you! I am soo glad you posted this. I get married in two weeks and any advice is appreciated. I will deff try to enjoy every moment even if its not going according to schedule.. like you said no one will notice but me.

ipoel said...

omg.. congrats!!!!!! we want picturess.... and thank you for those lesson learned :) i am sure your wedding was perfect.. that gazebo description.. to die for :)

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