Floral Fan Programs


I would love to take credit for making these really cute floral designs, but it's all done but theinknest.   She has some really great clip arts that you can use for almost anything.  When I saw the floral monograms, I immediately knew that I wanted to create a mock trial of fan programs.  If I had a whimsy garden wedding, I would definitely use a very similar design as this.



DIY Directions:
1) Purchase illustrations from theinknest
2) Utilize photoshop or illustrator to make the fan programs.
3) Add the Jane Austen font for the front and ceremony/wedding party title
4) Add the Brush Script MT font for other smaller text
5) Send to a printer
6) Glue a popsicle stick in between the back and front cover.

Floral Illustrations by: The Ink Nest

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